Areas of Expertise


Basham Law Group has extensive experience in all areas of employment law before California and federal trial and appellate courts and agencies, including:

  • Central and Northern California Superior Courts
  • California Court of Appeals
  • Federal District Courts
  • The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
  • The California Department of Fair Employment and Housing
  • The California Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board
  • The California Division of Labor Standards Enforcement

We also have extensive experience in representing our clients in arbitrations and at mediations.


Our Practice Areas

  • Wrongful termination, employment discrimination, retaliation, breach of employment contract, breach of implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing and other discharge related causes of action
  • Sexual harassment and unlawful harassment based on other categories protected under California and federal laws
  • Wage and hour claims, including exempt/non-exempt, rest and meal periods, tip pooling, overtime pay, paid time off, commissions, bonuses, split shifts, independent contractor, donning and doffing, document retention, vacation, sick and PTO pay, employee paychecks, prevailing wages and penalties under the California Private Attorneys General Act
  • California and federal employment disability laws, including disability discrimination and harassment, reasonable accommodations and undue hardship, failure to engage in the interactive process and disability leaves
  • Unfair competition, trade secret violations, breach of duty of loyalty, unfair business practices and non-compete agreements
  • Disability equal access laws, including Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act, Unruh Civil Rights Act, and California Civil Code sections 54 through 55.2
  • Fraud, negligent misrepresentation, promissory estoppel, Labor Code section 970, defamation, and libel
  • Fair Credit Reporting Act and related employee privacy laws
  • California and federal leave laws, including the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), the California Family Rights Act, the Pregnancy Disability Leave Act, and California Workers’ Compensation Act